Who We Are...

I started this blog because I wanted to share all of my favorite things in life and pass along some of the happy.
I began reviewing books more avidly just recently when I learned that Galley books exist and I can offer my honest opinion on yet to be released books.
I love that I have this opportunity.

I have managed to convince my best book friend Kirstin to join me in reviewing these books. She is an even more avid reader than I am and I'm really looking forward to reading her reviews. here is a little more about her...

I am a fourth/fifth grade teacher and an OBSESSIVE romance reader! I like paranormal, historical, and contemporary romance.If it has hot steamy sex and a happy ending, then I am one happy girl! What can I say? After 20 years of marriage and three amazing children, I live a vicarious life of immortal intrigue, adventure, and romance. Who knows. Maybe someday I will live my dream and write my very own romance novel, becoming the next Stephanie Meyer or E L James!

I also conned my friend Allison to share her thoughts on what she's reading. Our tastes run the same so we won't be offering a whole lot of variety *chuckle* but we love it. We have also attended Book Bash Orlando 2013 and Indiebook Fest 2013 together and have plans for Indie Girl Con 2014 in South Carolina. Maybe we'll see you there!

Michelle has been reviewing for a few months now and is absolutely loving the books so far. Again, she pretty much enjoys reading all the same stuff so the variety of genres will be small (LOL) but romance is romance whether it's sweet or schmexy, right?

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