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Blog Tour: Trouble #1: The Best Kind of Trouble by Courtney B. Jones

The Best Kind of Trouble (Trouble #1)

About The Book:

Title: The Best Kind Of Trouble
Series: Trouble #1
Author: Courtney B. Jones
Published: January 20, 2014
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Ashley Parker knows trouble. And Nathan Williams--star quarterback and charming ladies man--is trouble. She knows he'll only break her heart. But that doesn't stop her from jumping in feet first. When her whole world is flipped upside down, her guitar and her lyrics become her only solace. Along with sexy guitar player Caleb Mathews.

Fueled by heartache, love, and lust, Ashley finds herself in the best kind of trouble. Boy trouble.

My Review:

The Best Kind of Trouble (Trouble, #1)My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Best Kind of Trouble by Courtney B. Jones is the first book in her Trouble series.

I was a little leery going into this thinking "Oh no, another love triangle story!!!!" But it isn't. Not really. I wanted to slap the stupid out of Ashley a couple of times but when you get your heartbroken it makes sense to be on the super-defensive.

Nathan is a stud that makes some wrong choices but he never stops fighting for love, even when he is no longer in Ashley's face or at her doorstep, she still knows how he feels.

Caleb is the fallback, the comfort, the safe. I think Ashley feels that way for Caleb because she knows somewhere deep down that they weren't meant to be - but what do I know? Not much, the story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. The choice between the two men has not yet been made (well she decides to go after one of them, but only in the last paragraph of the book).

A fast-paced romance that made me tear my hair a little in frustration, but the kind of frustration that means I'm into the story, not the other kind.

About The Author:

Courtney B. Jones grew up in Texas where she still lives with her husband, their two kids, and two dogs. She's a recent college grad and new elementary school teacher.

Courtney loves to read and write love stories. She has an obsession with books and owns far far too many!

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