Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Tour: The Phoenix Campaign by Heidi Joy Tretheway

Release Day: Full Color by Traci Hayden


Sale: Black & White by Traci Hayden

Beth Huntley, photographer and devoted bachelorette, doesn’t believe in true love. Too much hurt and disappointment has left her hiding behind the camera. All she can see is a black and white world around her. 

William Lorde, widower and father, was once an open and carefree man. The loss of his wife has left him wrapped up in the needs of his little girl. He can no longer see the colors of the world as he struggles each and every day. 

What happens when these two similarly different people meet and help each other to step out of the world they’ve created for themselves? Will they find a love that helps them heal from the past, enjoy their present and create a beautiful future?


Sales Blitz: Unexpected Eden by Rhenna Morgan

Unexpected Eden Sales Blitz

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Release Day: Healing Gabe by Muriel Garcia

Cover Reveal: Contrasting Lives by Leah Dempster

Cover Reveal: Rebounding by Shanna Clayton

Blog Tour: The Calm After The Storm by Mya O'Malley

Book Blitz: The Tour by Shelby Rebecca

Book Blitz: Something Like This by Eileen Cruz Coleman

Cover Reveal: A French Whipping by Nicole Camden


Friday, April 24, 2015

Cover Reveal: Fury by Fisher Amelie

Cover Reveal: Anchor by Nicole Blanchard

Cover Reveal: Sweet Sinful Nights by Lauren Blakely

Release Day Boost: Never Too Late by Micalea Smeltzer

Cover Reveal: Barren by Elizabeth Miceli

Blog Tour: Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Cover Reveal: Chasing The Wind by Nazarea Andrews

Reader Appreciation Blitz: Call Sign Karma by Jamie Rae

Book Blitz: Mastered 2: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender