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Cover Reveal: Why Hate The Billionaire? by Johanna Bordeaux

The Latest in New Adult Romance

by Johanna Bordeaux

Why Hate the Billionaire? is the first of The Delanys, red-hot romances filled with sensuality, passion, and all the forms of deepest love.  Five closely-bonded siblings -- Cassidy, Brianna, Kellee, Norah, and Niall –– from a lower, middle class family whose parents were killed 11 years ago each must find a way to survive –– and thrive –– from their encounters with the sexy billionaires who desire them. 


Why Hate the Billionaire? (The Delanys Book I)

Cassidy Delany is resigned to a life of responsibility, hard work, and sacrifice as she struggles to support her orphaned family. She never indulges her passions so that her younger siblings can have the freedom to follow all of theirs. That is, until she encounters Daniel, a sublimely gorgeous –– and arrogant –– billionaire. Overwhelming mutual lust leads her to agree to a one-night stand that morphs into a fantasy weekend full of mind-blowing sex. When he acts like Cassidy is just another woman who exists for his pleasure, she runs away, hoping to never see him again. But when Daniel reappears and turns everything upside down, Cassidy knows that their unquenchable passion and the disturbing emotions it evokes, could destroy everything she’s fought so hard to achieve.

Daniel Sheffield, MD, is a typical spoiled, Beacon Hill Adonis from a Boston Brahmin family with trillions of dollars, and always gets whatever –– and whoever –– he wants. But the delectable and brilliant Cassidy Delany is something he’s never encountered before: a woman who sees something worth wanting beyond his money, power, and sex appeal. One taste and what he thought was just an insatiable desire for her body becomes a need for much more. But he’s shocked to discover that getting the girl can destroy what he values most –– control.


We collapse in the shower. Daniel pulls me close as I sit on his lap, his softened member still deeply embedded inside me. The energy may have been spent, but momentum remains as we rock together, Daniel panting against the sweet spot where my neck meets my shoulder while my hands grab his. After a moment, I raise his right hand to my mouth and inhaling his scent deeply, kiss it. 

Sometimes the best way to communicate does not allow words.

Minutes or days or even years go by before either of us can speak. Daniel nuzzles my neck. “God, Cassie. That was the best. You’re incredible. Being with you just gets better and better.”

“Hmm.” I agree as I sink my head against Daniel’s strong arm. Nestled against him, I feel something I barely remember feeling. Safe. As though for once the world didn’t weigh on my shoulders the way it has since I was thirteen. It’s alien and I find I’m shaking myself.

“Shh,” Daniel tightens his arms around me. “Just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll make it better.”

A muted laugh escapes my lips. Like our time together could really mean something to someone like him. Or that this could transfer into reality. I’ll let the gorgeous rich man and incredible sex fantasy come true and I’ll even pretend he cares about me. Then, when I go back to the real world and duty will take over. But I’ll treasure this memory forever.

“What is it?” Daniel’s warmth pervades my awareness. He takes his hand from my belly leaving it cold despite the hot water hitting it from the shower. Turning my head to his, he kisses me. Gentle and sweet. I won’t cry; I’ll just pretend it’s real.

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