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Blog Tour: The Consequences of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken

About The Book:

After losing his best friend to another guy, the notoriously too-confident Max Emory suddenly feels lost. He may have devastatingly good looks, an abundance of charm, and a claim to one of the biggest hotel empires around, but he has no ambition anymore. So when his fed-up friends decide they’ve had enough of his moping, they sign him up to be the next bachelor on the reality series Love Island. And between his pride and his forged signature on an ironclad contract, Max just can’t say no.

Now he’s stranded in paradise with twenty-four women, one terrifying goat, and Becca, the breathtaking barista who already turned him down back home. The closer Max gets to Becca, the more determined he becomes to win her over. As she gets to know him better, things start heating up. But is Becca really after Max’s heart—or is she after the cash prize she could claim once the cameras stop rolling?


“And . . .” She held up her hand like she was doing a damn countdown! “You’re kind of, like . . .” She leaned forward and whispered, “A bit . . .” Her eyes teased. “Metro.”

“As in . . . ,” I baited her.

“Feminine,” she snapped. “Yup, that’s the word. And Max, I mean that in the nicest way possible.”

“You mean . . .” I licked my lips, then slapped the water. “In the kindest way you can possibly say it, ‘Oh, look, Max has boobs’? Or you mean it in the way that says I lack the proper sexual magnetism to get your engine going?”

Becca rolled her eyes. “Hey, I didn’t come here to fight. I was just going to go over our date for tomorrow without the watchful eyes of Big Brother.”

“Hmm.” She was looking down at her feet. So I did what any desperate man who’d just been insulted in the worst way possible would do. I grabbed her feet, dragged her into the water, creating a huge splash, and then, when her head popped up for air, I gave her something else.

My tongue.

Kissing Becca could become a very nice, very addicting . . . pastime. Her lips were soft, pliant, but her hands were beating against my chest. Ah, classic move. Listen up, men: women fight us because they’re expected to. They have to put up the fight so they don’t come off as easy. So the next time a girl hits you in the chest, go with it, kiss her harder. It just means she wants more, especially when her chest is heaving and her tongue is doing . . . that. Yeah, exactly. Oh. Hell. Damn. Kill me now. When her tongue is doing that? Becca’s tongue pushed against mine and then she sucked.

I felt said sucking all the way through my body.

When she stopped fighting me, I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her as close against me as I could, and then pulled away.

Her eyes furrowed with confusion as she tried to lean forward.

I pulled back again, and swam her over to the ladder.

“Thanks, Becca,” I whispered. “I needed a little motivation.”


“Game on.” I helped her up and followed. “And by the way . . .” I grabbed her hands and moved her flat palms from my chest all the way down to my waist. “I’m anything but feminine. Have a good night.” As I walked away, I did what any sane man would do. I paused so she could get her fill and realize that yes, I was, in fact, still naked. And when I heard her gasp, I turned around and saluted her in more ways than one.

Point. Max.

My Review:

The Consequence of RevengeThe Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken is the second book in her Consequence series. It can totally be read as a stand-alone but I feel the appreciation for the camaraderie between the characters would be higher if you read the series in order. Book one, The Consequence of Loving Colton is about the love story between Milo and Colton. Milo is best friends with Max. Max is the main male character in this second story.

This is one of the funnier books I have read in a while. The first couple of chapters had me snorting with laughter. The sheer quirkiness of the characters, especially Max, makes them ones I want to be friends with myself.

When Max "graciously" accepts that his friends have signed him up to be the next "bachelor" things just go haywire from there. Behind the scenes of a show like this is absolutely nothing like the edited version that gets aired. Max is quite frankly afraid of most of the contestants (no matter how gorgeous they are) and is happy to find himself with Becca the Barista as his own personal favorite of the contestants.

Becca (the barista) can't believe how outrageous Max is. when she blatantly turned down his lame pick-up lines at the coffee shop she had no idea he was going to be the man which she and 23 other women were competing for. When she actually begins to have a conversation with him, however, she begins to understand his sense of humor and approach to life and is now left to decide whether if she wins she will take the prize money or the prize male specimen that is Max.

I love this author's books and I really loved Max and becca (and Jason, and reid, and Milo, and Colton... and Hades). Can't wait to read more...

About The Author:

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at


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