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Blog Tour: Devil May Care by Cynthia Rayne


About The Book:

Captain, the president of the Four Horsemen MC, has been in love with Eddie Rollins since he first set eyes on her. Unfortunately, she was already married to Joker, a man who didn’t deserve her. So, Captain forced himself to move on. But the torch he carries for Eddie still burns hot. Now, that both of them are finally single, he is determined to make her his old lady.

Eddie is the reigning queen bee of the club and makes the finest moonshine in all of Texas. So fine, in fact, it has been cutting into the Beauregard’s bootlegging business. When the bootleggers come after her, Captain vows to keep her safe. But he can’t protect her from discovering the ugly truth about her late husband. And about him.



Eddie sucked in a breath when she saw Captain at the counter dressed in a pair of weathered jeans clinging to his body like a second skin. Why did the man have to be so damn attractive? He made her stomach flip like she was some sort of lovesick teenage girl. It was embarrassing. 

Today, he wore a black Ramones T-shirt underneath his Horsemen cut. He had blond spiked hair, piercing blue eyes, and a black leather cuff around one wrist. He had a neatly trimmed beard and had a pair of aviator glasses tucked into his hair. He had a thing for punk music–Billy Idol, Sid Vicious, The Clash. When he’d prospected for the club, he even wore safety pins all over his clothes. Thank God, he’d mostly moved out of his punk phase. 

Captain was talking to Voodoo, one of the brothers who owned and operated Hades. Back in New Orleans, Voo had been a chef before Katrina came to town and washed half of it away. He’d moved to Texas to start over and joined the club. He had warm mocha-colored skin, and silvery eyes. His dark hair was twisted into short dreadlocks, which came down just below his ears. Today, he wore the hell out of a red muscle shirt and a pair of black leather pants. 

He glanced at her over Captain’s shoulder. “Bonjour, mon ange, you look delectable this morning.” Voo had a heavy Creole inflection, particularly when he spoke with women. He knew the ladies love a man with an accent and he was an outrageous flirt. As she approached the counter, he held out his hand and she took it. He dropped a kiss over her knuckles. 

He scowled at Voodoo. “Why you always gotta touch people?”

Eddie stifled a laugh.

“We should sit down,” Captain said tersely, steering her towards one of the booths.

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About The Series:

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About The Author:

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Cynthia Rayne is the author of the Amazon best-selling Four Horsemen MC series. Her first erotic book was written when she was thirteen. Of course, the most risqué scene involved kissing, but it was the talk of her middle school! She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education and writes whenever she can. In her spare time, she enjoys dating, shopping, reading way too many romance novels, and drinking a truly obscene amount of coffee.

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