Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blog Tour: Cadillac Payback by AJ Elmore

About The Book:

An old Cadillac and a gun are all she has left of her brother. Three men stand ready to follow her into the darkest pits of hell to avenge him. The Cadillac leads them down a swamp road lined with ghosts, consequence and the tangled web of business and pleasure, into the underbelly of New Orleans crime as she fights for vengeance for her brother.

Joshua was just a rookie, a kid caught up in a drug ring. It’s fun and dangerous, all easy, until it kills his best friend and drags what’s left of his companions into a war. All he knows is he would walk into hell with her, and she might ask before it’s over…

Isaiah thought he’d seen everything—but watching Charlie die tore the world apart. The regime is changing, and with the new leader come more questions than answers. He was Charlie’s right hand, but what will he be to her?

Frederick came up on the streets, learned fast and hard and dirty. His past has always been a sticking point for the group, but one person has never questioned him, and he’ll do anything for her…

Maria never wanted to take over Charlie’s operation. But with her brother dead, and vengeance the only thing she has left, she makes her first decision: drag Charlie’s killers down.

It might just be her last.

My Review:

Cadillac PaybackCadillac Payback by Aj Elmore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cadillac Payback by Aj Elmore is her debut novel and it is a dark and twisted doozy! It is told from four POV's (Joshua, Isaiah, Frederick, and Maria) and it works. If you like dark and dangerous this is definitely the book for you.

It is about a crime family whose leader, Charlie, is murdered. Next in line to take over the family "business" is his sister, Maria. The danger escalates rapidly when Maria cannot focus on anything besides revenge. She takes over driving Charlie's Cadillac around town while searching for revenge, hence the title, Cadillac Payback.

While this ends with success of sorts for Maria, it left me feeling a little unsettled. It's a hard and cold life being leader of a crime family and I will say, if you like fluffy stories with happy endings and kind people, this is probably not for you. If you like you stories gritty, dirty and slightly painful... then one-click this baby.

I'm intrigued by this authors style and will definitely be on the lookout from more her in the future.

About The Author:

Aj is a beach migrant, and part-time muse. She enjoys the exploration of genres vast, and the search for untold worlds. A writer-for-fun since childhood, she has also been known to be a super hero, a gun slinger, and occasionally, a waitress. She lives on an island, has a bachelor's degree in journalism and some tattoos. She is most easily found at the water's edge.


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