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Blog Tour: For The Love of Ash by Taylor Lavati

About The Book:

Maggie Larken is a reformed party girl. After her parent’s death, she’s left to raise Asher, her nine-year-old brother.

Luke Wilson has done everything his parents have ever asked of him. A new teacher, Luke constantly questions where his life is headed.

When Luke and Maggie meet, neither is in the market for a relationship. But sometimes life has other plans. Both navigate new waters as they try to decide where their priorities should lie, while also seizing what they want.

In this heartbreakingly real tale of love, Maggie and Luke discover what being a family truly means.

*This book is a standalone and NOT part of a series. This book contains mature content.

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My Review:

For The Love of AshFor The Love of Ash by Taylor Lavati
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For The Love of Ash by Taylor Lavati is a standalone romance novel. The premise of the story drew me in immediately. It is a fantastic story that really gets into all your feels and I really enjoyed it. The pacing was a bit slow and it seemed to take a long time to get through this story. I feel like maybe there was too much detail for my own personal preference. That being said, I absolutely loved Luke and Maggie and Asher.

Maggie is the guardian of her little brother Asher (aged 8). Their parents died a year ago and weren't great parents anyway. Her grandmother is a flat-out drunk, entitled b!tch that keeps threatening to get custody of Asher even though Maggie is making great progress all by herself.

Luke is one of many children born to filthy rich parents (a belligerent and violent father and a drunk and oblivious mother) and he is the new Physical Education teacher at the same school Asher attends. Luke and Asher begin to bond before Luke even meets Maggie and realizes who she is.

I will definitely like to read more from this author in the future.

About The Author:

Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult and New Adult with ranging genres from fantasy to dark romance and all the niches in between. If she's not behind a computer screen or scribbling in her notebook, she's playing video games, going on hikes, or spending time with her family.

Romance with a bit of CHAOS.


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