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Release Blitz: Indecent Cravings 3 by S. K. Cross

Title: Indecent Cravings: Part Three
Series: Indecent Cravings #3
Author: S.K. Cross
Genre: Erotic Romance
 Release Date: August 20, 2015


The hot steamy new series Indecent Cravings continues with a twist...

WARNING: This is NOT a story for prudes.

Devastated by the incident at the submission school and shocked by what she saw at the end of Part Two, Abigail seeks refuge with her tough chiseled childhood guardian who has dark secrets of his own... which leads to an irresistible night of passion.

But Abigail can't forget about her voracious hunger for the brutish Dom with the power to command her into blissful euphoria. He's quit and left Miami, leaving her a shattered shell. She also must deal with the fact that her best friend has gone missing.

As the mysteries pile up, Abigail loses her grip on reality. Lost and bewildered, she accepts an offer by Lorena to be trained to do the one thing she wants to do more than anything...

Seduce Lukas Thorn.

Do not read if any of the following offends you: Dirty talk, floggers, riding crops, anal sex, strap-on dildos, heavy ropes, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, tongues in places they probably shouldn't go, sensory deprivation, public humiliation, girl-on-girl, girl-on-guy, guy-on-two-girls, two-girls-on-girl, well-endowed M2F transsexual-on-girl, well-endowed M2F transsexual-on-guy, tease and denial contests, dominatrixes, and sex swings...all consensual and in the spirit of fun and personal growth. (Not all of these appear in this book but will be explored over the course of the series... and more!)

You have been warned.

Themes explored: Overcoming personal challenges, discovering one's purpose in life, inspiring people to live their own lives on their own terms, and refusing to allow others to control how you think.

Mature content. 18+ only. Book 3 of a multiple-part continuing series.

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I leap forward, grab his hand, and place the transmitter in his palm. He looks down at it, and I run across the street. I plant myself against the building on the far corner, the hard hot gray stone scratching my naked back in the night heat.

I'm way across the street from him now, cars streaming between us. I point at my ear with the Bluetooth receiver implanted inside.

He puts the transmitter up to his mouth. My heart is nearly pounding out of my chest. This is it. This is me putting my head on the chopping block.

He can say "Go home." That's all he needs to do. He can just tell me to go and I will. That's the bargain. That's the agreement. I always keep my agreements.

He raises the transmitter to his mouth.

I clench my teeth, my eyes wide open. I'm breathing hard, my hands locked behind me.

I will do whatever he says, I remind myself, I will do whatever he says.

Even if he tells me to go home.

He's about to speak, his face still locked in that frozen visage and half-smile. Then he laughs, turns sideways, raises the transmitter up to his mouth and says, "Let’s play."

I nod my head.

Oh my God!

Yes! The fire starts anew down below. He's playing. I've gotten him to play! That was the hardest step.

"My sweet dirty whore," he says, "you're naked, aren't you?"

Wow, kudos to the body paint artist. Even the great Lukas Thorn can't really tell that I’m naked.

"You realize what you've set yourself up for? You're going to have to prove that to me, you know."

I nod.

"You're going to have to prove that to me in public."

Oh God! The very thought sends me into delirium. Yes, I will. Yes, I'll do anything. In front of anybody. To please you. Yes, I will. I so want you. I so want you to tell me to do horribly nasty things in front of other people. I so will do anything you ask. All you have to do is command me.

Just command me.

My Review:

Indecent Cravings: Part Three (The Indecent Cravings Series Book 3)Indecent Cravings: Part Three by S.K. Cross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Indecent Cravings: Part Three by S.K. Cross is the third book in the Indecent Cravings series. Short quick reads that are hot, wicked, and steamy, not to mention a tad bit out there AND an experiment in "organic" story-telling. This means the readers, at the end of each installment, are invited to suggest what happens next with certain plot points.

**WARNING** This review will likely contain spoilers for the previous books in this series! You have been warned!

We left Abigail/Jayd having witnessed a very shocking situation between her roommate and her father. She takes off with her dad's driver/bodyguard. We learn more about the relationship that Trevor (the bodyguard) and Smudge (Abigail) have - which is interesting to say the least! Then we encounter Lorena (the old lady) again. The havoc these new people are wreaking on Abigail's life is preposterous but you just cannot stop reading. Lorena needs Lukas Thorn back - he quit after he cut Abigail from the program (Submissive Training) and Lorena needs her Dom back to train Subs for her companion business. The plot they devise to get Abigail back in Lukas' path is a convoluted one but it's also pretty hot!.

Read on - snicker at the elaborate at twisted story and enjoy the dirty, dirty sex. Loving this!

Author Bio

I am the owner of a foul-mouthed dirty mind, a living contradiction who enjoys pushing hot sexy fun to the edges of normalcy ... while telling the stories of inspiring characters who rise above personal challenges to live happy and fulfilled lives.

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