Friday, June 2, 2017

#CoverReveal: The Better Man by Barbie Bohrman

For better or worse… 


(Allen Brothers #2)

by Barbie Bohrman

Expected publication: August 1st 2017

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About The Book:

Meet Max Allen. 

He’s ambitious, too smart for his own good, and very single. 

Nicknamed “Max-A-Million” by society gossip types, he thinks he’s got it pretty damn good and he’s right…for the most part. 

Meet Daphne Rodriguez. 

She’s ambitious, too smart for her own good, and very single. 

She works extra hard for everything she has and never complains about the crappy hand life has dealt her. 

When Max is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, it comes with the condition that he must work with the one person he despises most…and wants the most: his sworn enemy, Daphne. 

However, Max has no plans of giving Daphne the satisfaction of ever letting her know how he feels about her. Instead, he vows to make her life miserable at every turn. 

Which works out perfectly, since Daphne has no intention of making it easy for Max either. 

When all hell breaks loose and they’re on a collision course with disaster, these two stubborn people will have to overcome their mutual hatred of each other long enough to work together and get the job done. 

For better or worse, they will have to rely on each other to save themselves…and the people they love most.

About The Author:

Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL and ultimately moved to the Garden State where she currently resides with her husband and two children.

Life, and all that comes along with it, had her giving up on her dream of pursuing anything in the writing world for many years. Then a prologue contest in a book club garnered her interest enough to throw her hat in the ring to see what, if anything, would come from it.

From that contest came the roots of her debut novel, Promise Me, which was ultimately picked up by Montlake Romance.

When she is not writing you can find her trying to get through the 1000+ books on her Kindle, or watching Lost, Seinfeld, or one of any other number of TV shows available on Netflix for binge watching.

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