Thursday, April 12, 2018

#ReleaseBlitz: The Edge of Heaven by Gia Riley

The Edge of Heaven, the second part in Gia Riley's Taboo and Emotional Broken Wings Duet is Available NOW!!

The Edge of Heaven

by Gia Riley

About The Book:

When I said I would kill for her, I meant it. When I said I would die for her, I meant that, too.
But protection comes with a price and so does my life.

I can't hold her.
I can't speak to her.
I can't even see her.

The most important piece of my life is gone.

I had everything.
I had Winnie.
And just like that, my unconditional love vanished.

Picking up the pieces is impossible.
There's no easy way to fall out of love.
But that's exactly what I have to do.

The Edge of Heaven is the emotional conclusion to Wrong Side of Heaven.

One jilted love story.
Four converging paths.
A brand new forever.

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My Review:

The Edge of Heaven (Broken Wings Duet, #2)The Edge of Heaven by Gia Riley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Edge of Heaven by Gia Riley is the concluding part to Gia's Broken Wings Duet . Picking up right where the cliffhanger from book one, Wrong Side of Heaven, left off we dive right back into the dark and twisted life of Winnie and the two men who love her the most but are almost helpless to save her.

I was not as enthralled with this second part of the story. I was anticipating more of a romance, less of a triangle, and a different type of angst. What I found was a bracing glimpse into Winnie's damaged soul, Jasper's desperate feelings for Winnie, and Trey's back and forth between protecting her and being there for her. It was emotionally messy and dark and while I enjoyed it I also found it difficult to read. Winnie is a young character and her voice was frustrating at times - on the same note, it was eerily accurate.

If you read book one I highly recommend you get the closure that this book provides. Enjoy!

About The Author:

Author Gia Riley has been in love with writing romance since high school when she took her very first creative writing class. From the small but mighty state of Delaware, she’s a country girl at heart, traveling back to her roots in Pennsylvania as often as she can.

While New Adult and Contemporary romance have been her passion, she’s dabbled with more erotic plotlines lately, enjoying discovering the sexier side of love with each story she pens. After all, she’s a lover of all things romance – a firm believer that everyone deserves their

happily ever after no matter what it takes to get there.

When she’s not writing, you can find her roaming the aisles of Kirkland’s, up to her elbows in Play-doh, or trying to hunt down spoilers for her favorite reality television show.

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