Thursday, October 3, 2019

#CoverReveal: Never Got Over You by Whitney G.


by New York Times bestselling author WHITNEY G.

RELEASE DATE: October 24th 

About The Book:

Nine and a half years ago, you married a man who wasn’t me. He wasn’t even half of me… 

Nine and a half hours ago, you walked through the doors of my billion-dollar boardroom for a job interview. 

Although every person at the table fell for your charm and applauded, I didn’t dare. I couldn’t help but notice your bare ring finger. Couldn’t help but notice that you were even sexier now than you were on the night we first met. 

I honestly didn’t want to hire you, but I had no choice. (I was outvoted 16-1, but trust me, you got this job by default.) 

When you signed the papers and we shook hands, I didn’t bring up the fact that you didn’t “wait for me” like you promised to years ago, or that you just moved on with your life like what we had meant nothing. Instead, I insisted that we keep things one-hundred percent professional. 

So, for the record: I've long forgotten about you and all the times we shared. (This includes the way your body feels under mine, the way your laughter used to make me smile, and the way you used to breathlessly say my name for hours at a time.) 

I'm definitely not in denial, this is all one hundred percent true. You'll never hear me say that you still have an effect on me, that you’re still the best I’ve ever had, or worse, that I never got over you... 

**This is a standalone contemporary romance releasing October 24th** 


About The Author:

Whitney G. is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author. Her books have been published in twelve languages.

Whenever she’s not penning a novel, you can find her playing Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande songs on repeat, drinking endless cups of hot coffee, or traveling the world in search of her next story idea.

You can connect with Whitney on Instagram and Facebook.

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